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Life is better with flowers

I like flowers, I like plants. They make my life happy and my home too.

I started to take care of them, on my balcony of the Plaza de los carros, in the 90. Many died, until I learned how  to care of them,  which ones needs sun, and which shade; which ones more water, and which less. And like everything else, especially if you are self-taught, like me, patience and practice is needed. So I’ve got my «Collection of professions.»

Then I continued gaining knowledge about them, in the garden of Madremanya, feeling the pleasure of watching them grow. But where I’ve learned more, has been in my  Escorial house, on the terraces and in my small garden.
For me there is no spring and summer without watering pleasure, take away the dead leaves, contemplate and pamper my plants.

Unlike some friends, who find it a murder, I not only like flowers on earth, I also like to mix them in bouquets, which I placed in special spots, both at home and in DELIC. And decorated with them some cakes, as you would have seen  in the last Thursday’s post.

To be a florist, I think is one of the most beautiful profession in the world, in addition to the happiness of receiving your branches, so it’s for you, while you arrange them.

I also enjoy photographing them. Here are some examples


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