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A summer between two villages

They say «the pirate life is the best life»  and I think so too.

I spent the summer between two villages: San Lorenzo de El Escorial in the Sierra de Madrid and Madremanya in El Ampurdá

In one I live surrounded by children, I make fruit poles, swim and take care of my plants and my dogs. In the other, I go treasures hunting  with the Juanes, re-decorated the house and experiment with lights in my photos.

I like the villages best than the cities. For your peace of mind, by the ease with which you can do things, because you’re closer to the people and everything has another humor. A round summer between two villages.

How’s your return from holidays ? In Delic already we have a new window, dedicated to the return to school.

would you like to come and see it?

Until next Thursday,


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