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One of the most important things for a trip to be a success, is the company. 

To Japan I was accompanied by  my friend Mary, with whom we have been talking to go for about thirty years, because of our love for japonese  food – and the Juanes, who managed to make any situation magical and fun.

We only stayed one evening and one morning in TOKYO; short, I know, but well spent: We dined near the station, in a very lovely and fun neighborhood, full of small restaurants with terraces on the street. urchiThere we ate a lot of UNI (sea urchin), my favorite Japanese food, our table neighbors could not stop laughing at us, because of the quick way we ate it, a dish for Gods, thats what we think !!!

The next morning, after sleeping in a traditional tatami hotel, we went to the fish market, very early; It was also full of tiny restaurants, all delicious, and we ate as breakfast:¡¡¡ fish ‘!!!

In the afternoon we took a plane to KUMAMOTO, on an island at the  south of the country, we rented a car to go up to the mountains, to see its famous waterfalls on a river, where small boats paddled. We arrived at night to a complex of wooden huts with tatami mats, nipon way of boy scouts !!!

We dined in the countryside, in a kind of eatery, where the owners also lived,  that night they were accompanied by some friends of them from the area. Upon discovering such an amazing and special place, our happy faces must have been a poem !!! We laughed a lot with them, mainly with body language, as it is very difficult to find people who speak English in that area, and in general throughout Japan; there was only one Filipina Spanish descent who could help us a bit to be understood. And when we asked for dinner, sake and sashimi, which is what they were having , they could not believe it, and laughed nonstop, and we with them. The sashimi was fished, that morning by the owner, and as we had never eaten anything so delicious, we laughed and laughed with happiness. It was a truly memorable night for all.

The next day, the Juanes left us in an onsen, awesome place, where Mary and I were to participate in the Beth ( local_milk ) retreat, I will tell you this story next Thursday. They, meanwhile, continued to move around the island alone.

At the end of the retreat we stayed with los Juanes, one more night, we enjoyed taking baths in the onsen. We had one in the room-apartment, but the best were outside, among trees, with large rounded stones into the sulfurous water , naturally heated by a nearby volcano. We also took pictures together in a foot bath, we laughed a lot with our costumes !!!

The next day, we returned to Kumamoto, and from there to  TOKIO to take our plane.

We slept in a hotel near the airport and we were lucky enough to visit a wonderful temple, and attended a ceremony where monks were dressed in a very colorful and elegant costumes, played drums and sang: !!! overwhelming !!!

Then we stroll down a street full of small traditional shops and found a great one, where we bought small vintage treasures, including some ancient, spectacular and very cheap kimonos.

And from there, we began our the long trip, back to Spain.

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