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Juana Acosta by the new window

Okay, it’s just a pun 🙂

Juana Acosta has just come to see the new window. She likes to do it when we release a new one each month. She is used being  an actress, to premieres, but I love her and this time we decided to take a picture to remember.

This month we are paying homage to graphic design, in our showcase. This time, one of those who we consider  a great example in this area, such as Coca Cola.

I have been buying boxes, bottles and even an old  Coca Cola doll advertising, in the last years.

Also this time, we have in the smaller cage a version in miniature.

I take this opportunity to tell you that DELIC only serve Coca Cola in its new large format.

I hope to see DELIC when you want.

Happy Thursday!


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