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While windows remain, Delic will exist

While there are windows Delic will remain.I was told many years ago by a client and friend. And the sentence has always been in  my mind.

I think that phrase meant that as long as I continue with the same enthusiasm and imagination DELIC would be alive, too.

Arranging windows is my favorite work in Delic. Sometimes  I have the theme, very thought, sometimes comes to my head on the last day, but there are always some improvisation. I take my props and I start placing them.

The main window has a replica inside. In the second bar is an old wood and glass case where I do the same window in miniature.

When I opened 17 years ago I thought, even in a bar, the first thing the customer sees before entering is the showcase. I wanted to draw their attention on it,and show them my personality, and how they would feel once inside.

They are themed and sometimes with a surreal humor. Gradually, they have become something that all customers and passers expect each month. They take photos, children laugh, enjoy it, and I with them watching their faces of surprise and joy myself too.

If I think about it, with an average monthly showcase, in all these years I have to carry more than 200.

Much of the spirit of DELIC is stored inside these windows. I think that’s why I like them.

Until Thursday,


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