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mitomania inherited

I was lucky to raise between works of art and artists, because of professions and hobbies of my father. He worked as a set designer, interior decorator, manager and dealer.

He had great friends as actors as Concha Velasco, Alberto Closas, Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez, Sancho Gracia, Gracita Morales and Geraldine Chaplin … singers like Joan Manuel Serrat and Miguel Rios … Photographers like Colita and Catala Roca. .. Painters and sculptors including Picasso, Xavier Corbero, Antonio Lopez and Miguel Barceló …

He often went on tour with Antonio Gades, Critina Hoyos, el Tauro and the rest of the company. And when they acted in Madrid I was always behind the scenes, and it was impossible to enjoy myself better.

My parents were fortunate enough to witness how Paco de Lucia composed «Entre dos aguas», an evening that urged him to complete one of his records.

Along with Antonio Gades, my father opened in Madrid «Casa Gades» in the 70s, the most fun restaurant at the time, and Serrat «La Placeta», in the 80s, in Barcelona. These two artists, along with Xavier Corberò were the best friends of my parents.

As for me, in the 80s, lived and worked in New York after studying photography, as an assistant to two photographers, one was Gilles Larrain, we made the album covers of Miles Davis and Billy Joel … The other was an art photographer. We took pictures of the works of great painters like Alex Cats, Larry Rivers and Scully. At that time, I also photographed for  Spanish magazines characters like Rocio Durcal, Maradona, Randal Monica, Jeremy Irons, when they appeared in NY

In 1995, my brother and his partners  Jose Coronado and Miguel Antúnez, opened «Antigua», following the paternal tradition, and I decorated the restaurant-bar and I took over the kitchen for two years.

When I opened «Delic» in 1998, it was also full of artists from the beginning, being the first, and became my good friend, Candela Peña. Then came Jordi Molla, Javier Camara, Juan Diego Boto, Ernesto Alterio, Juana Acosta, Rodolfo Sancho during the filming of a series shot in Bazar-Nicolas, Itziar Miranda, Jose Toledo, intimate friend of mine,  Candela Serrat, special love for her, because i know her since she was born. Lately, I’ve grown fond of the sweet Nerea Barros …. Also I have the luck to have in my team for years,  Candela Rabal, Paco Rabal granddaughter, whom my father knew, and Carmen Laforest, great writer, whose daughter, the also writer Silvia Cerezales Laforet, she has been my yoga master for 15 years.

I’ve also been fortunate to accompany my friend Gloria Scola, film journalist and great interviewer, taking pictures of the best film festivals  With her, I have known actors such as Benicio del Toro, with whom I took a picture that I can not show  «because of the terrible way I look..»

I can not name all of the many artists who I have had the pleasure to meet, and I like to brag about it!!!

My big dream is that one day Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would appear in Delic, because I love them. And it is where my mythomania reaches its peak.

As I said, my life has been surrounded by legendary artists, so thats why I am a mitomanist.

Here I leave you photos of some of them, and I thank them for coming to Delic, they will never be bothered because we always will take care of them. They are at home.


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