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Oreja de lobo

My dear Silvia – my  luxury teacher of yoga for 17 years, daughter of the writer par excelence, Carmen Laforet and the journalist Manuel Cerezales, has just published her first novel » Oreja de lobo», I had the privilegie of reading the manuscrito before it was published; as well as two other novels that will see the light in the future.

With such a family background – she was also married to Benito Rabal, son of the great Paco Rabal and the actress Asuncion Balaguer (still active at nearly 90 years), mother of Candela and Liberto Rabal. Silvia’s novel leaves no one indifferent, it is one of those you can not stop reading.

I do not want to reveal the plot, as always predisposes you for better or for worse, as happens when you give your opinion on a movie.

Yes, I would like to say that next Monday, June 20th  will be signing her book at DELIC !!!!  Her daughter Candela (whose portrait is the book cover of his mother), and his granddaughter Yuma (playing very well be the manager of her grandmother) will be there.

It will be a relamed evening, where the regular will be mixed with Silvia’s guests ,  anyone can take home her book signed.

They can also be purchased through their web or Delic.

We would love to see you in DELIC, on Monday the 20th, from seven o’clock in the afternoon.

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