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The story of a mojito

In 1998, we opened Delic. Soon, a painter friend of mine , César Galicia, suggested me to make mojitos. He had just returned from Cuba and he was impressed with its flavor.

By then I did’t know what a mojito was, like most people in Madrid. They were done in some cocktail bars, but they were not popular. We took care of that. It helped a lot that Makama,  my husband then, was black, because although he was African looked like a Cuban !!!

What began as an experiment, ended up being a genuine Boom !!!

queues  were formed in the street to try them, and we sold them by hundreds every day. Also they combined perfectly with our homemade cakes that wasn’t easy to be found in Madrid at that time.

We were pioneers, and although there are more locals now, where they are well prepared, and of course a lot more choice and competition, our mojitos are still very famous and appreciated.

I am proud of having put them on fashion !!!  we take good care of them. We remove all the leaves, that are not green enough and fresh, like with margaritas. It is a lot of work, but the result is worth it.

Later came the caipirinhas, we learned to prepare them in a wonderful trip to Brazil.

I tried other cocktails to put them on fashion, but it’s hard to beat the mojitos, caipirinhas with fruit in all its variations.

For two years we are having a lot of success with our DELIC Sangria. Foreigners love their exotic ingredients and the quality of the wine. Another day I’ll introduce it with more detail.

Here, you can see some pictures of the ingredients, mojitos and caipirinhas.

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