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When my mother left, three years and eight months ago, I decided to participate in a yoga retreat in Marrakech. There I met Mercedes Perez de Castro; we had studied at the same school and she remembered me. As it happens when you are younger, they noticed the students of higher grades, and I was her idol !! Now I was the one who noticed her, and I instantly admired Mercedes; I loved watching her  beautiful watercolors at leisure. I wanted to do the same.

Once in Madrid, I called my friend Trini Irisarri, great painter and art teacher, and together with three other students, I attended a very enriching and fun classes.

Although everything that we drew was copied from reality or photos, I realized that attending the same class and with the same motives, our pictures were very different; the result always depended on each hand.

I also discovered that the girl in me has never left me. Moreover, it occupies a big part of me, not just for the subjects I choose in my watercolors, but also because of my way of drawing and applying color.

I spent two years very involved in my new hobby, and helped me a lot to overcome my loss. I almost  freaked out by boards on Pintererest, as I collected pictures to be able to draw the motives stored. But because of my return to photography, when I discovered instagram, I stopped drawing for the past two years. I hope to pick it up soon !!!

I have my series of flowers hanging in Delic, as I always like to make variations on a theme, which end up as a single frame.

Here you can see photos of some of the drawings I already finished, and some that are still in process.

I hope you like them.


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