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Week – end special surprise

When Delic was born, I did not have a stove or fried food. I wanted simple, healthy and easy to make meals. We changed the menu every season, usually recipies inspiration came from my grandmother and my mother, I felt in love with cooking very young and I spent hours helping them. It was a bit complicated so much change and finally I left the dishes with more success.

It was a couple of years ago when I found it could be a very good idea to include a menu from Tuesday to Friday and specials on the  weekends, to revitalize the local and have fun with all the changes and surprises I was missing.

For me it is a challenge to serve you every weekend special and varied dishes, delicious and beautifully  presented.

One of my greatest incentives when traveling is to discover new restaurants and recipes, some new products that I do not know. I collect them in the places I visit, or I find them in cook-books that I buy. For example, in three days I’ve been in the Ampurdán, I have found a lot of new ideas with new products… Even though I have been coming to this area for forty years.

We have dishes suitable for summer and winter … and those who crave in any season. The recipes, like everything I do in Delic, are the result, in large part, of improvisation. It’s my way of being and therefore cooking.

By now, after seventeen years, there are still people who believe that there is only cakes in Delic, as they are the ones exposed on the counter. Salty food is prepared at the moment, and I assure you that even if it takes a little longer to serve, it is worth consuming it fresh.

Eating is a way to enjoying life. And cooking with the best products, slowly and lovingly, a real pleasure.

In Delic, every weekend we offer one or two «daily specials».

I hope you like the pictures I’ve selected.


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