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In the English countryside

This month, I have been fortunate to repeat another retreat of: @local_milk , who I consider now my friend, Beth. It consisted of food styling and photography, complemented by weaving and knitting.

The house we lived in, at the countryside, was impressive. In the living room there was a large fireplace, where we met for knitting, with a beloved teacher who taught us how to weave, and knit a beautiful hat seamless. Something new for me.

One day, another teacher: @marte_marie_forsberg, with whom I shared a retreat in Venice,  taught us to make a pear tart tatin. We photographed the process of creation and then the result. But best of all is that, at the end, we ate it as a snack.

The house had no wifi, so some of us – the group was ten women – assemble our office in a nearby pub,  we went walking. The road was worth it, not only for the beauty of the landscape but for the spectacular lush sheep wool, with black head and legs.

The pub was cozy, also with fireplace and the pleasant taste of a small village.

We ate like queens, thanks to the always fabulous recipes of @studio_neon, who in each retreat, uses food materials of the country in which we live.

We enjoyed typical English breakfast with eggs, bacon, fruit pourridge, etc …; and lunches made from baked vegetables, pudding Partridge, baked pork, etc ….

I discovered new and very good raw materials to use them in my meals Delic.

What a super coexistence. Again I met very interesting and funny women. This time I particularly get along with, one half  Filipin, and two half Japonese; as well  was an English painter and my teacher knitting, from South Africa.

It is very rewarding to meet people from such different backgrounds and countries. All were interesting in one way or another.

Time flew, as usual. But I always prefer, to stay with with the sensation of wanting more, instead of wanting it to end.

I have some pictures to share with you, so you can see the feeling of the retreat.

More in instagram.