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Our retreat with @local_milk wabi sabi

As I told you last week, The Juanes left us in the beautiful Onsen, where we started our retreat with @ local-milk.

The first night, the presentations took place. In this retreat – something rarely- also counted with four men, three with their wives and one by himself.

We took pictures for several days: photos of styling with antique objects, Ikebana, and one day, in a wonderful ceramist village.

I was very happy to see Beth with her pregnancy, accompanied by her adorable husband. I’ve done three courses with her and I  have a lot of affection for her. I love to see her so happy.

Our ONSEN (spa) is a spectacular place between trees and rivers of sulphurous and hot water thanks to the proximity of the volcano !!!

There we had time to quietly enjoy all the traditional meals, composed of small dishes and steamed soups, all served in ceramic and bamboo, which made each breakfast, lunch and dinner something very special. We ate together at a long table. We stand in front of a New Yorker and a Milanese, with whom we made good friends, but also with two other companions who I knew the withdrawal of England.

I liked very much to work with flowers making IKEBANA bouquets, ancient Japanese art; I was delighted with the bouquet of my friend Maria, and with mine too, I ran with him across the ONSEN, making pictures in different corners. I ended up sweating with excitement !!!

The bus ride us to the town of pottery, among forests with cherry blossoms, was beautiful.

One could listen the water producing music falling on the river, that way they prepared the ground to be baked: a treat for the eye and ear. Maria took many photos and some videos where they lack this symphony background !!!

As always in withdrawals from my teacher, I learned new things and I had the pleasure of sharing with people of different nationalities and similar concerns.

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