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A fairy tail house

Once upon a time there was a house that looked like it had come out of a fairy tail, indigo blue windows and facade of the same color. Everyone admired it, how couldn’t I. The house was divided into three apartments. One day I had the opportunity of buying the top one. A duplex.

Although my house itself was like a fairy tail, tenants of the other two floors were not getting along with the spirit of the house. However, as in fairy tales, it all started to fix. The middle floor was free and an adequate family moved in: Mary,  the mother, young and beautiful. She gave me a beautiful smile that made me trust her. As her loving husband that looked like a Prince; Mario. They have two children. Boy and a girl, in their teens. And we lived some very happy years. However, those who lived the ground floor still didn’t fit in!!! It was a distant family with unfriendly parents and repellent children.

Luckily they ended up leaving, pleasant surprise, Maria’s family, my dogs and me. We lived happily together. It took a year the owner to find the perfect new tenants !!!
One day, somebody knocked on my door, it was Andrea, mother of five children, four girls and a newborn, who conquered me at once. Like Mary. With her beauty and frankness, sweet with a genuine smile.  Her husband, Pepe, was also a great man in every  way.

My fairy tale house finally was complete.

I’m sure it wasn’t a coincidence that my mother left and these families joined me. I’m sure she sent me this families to make my pain for her loss easier. Without any effort we formed a «family of families». We shared wonderful moments and more difficult ones, but above all we shared love. Harmony was always a constant.

This summer Mary passed away ! Mario, her husband will go to live in the city after summer, with their children who already go to high school.

A few days ago,  Andrea’s family went to England for work motives, and our fairy tale house, has remained almost empty. But the love that filled my house these years, is still floating in the air and filling my soul.

The question is: who will live in our fairy tale house in the future?

Three women lived in this house, we made the best out of it, our home, our place in the world. We shared our lives there. Our FAIRY TALE HOUSE, our «Little blue house», as it was called in our chat.

I thank life for these beautiful and intense years, together in it. It made us better people, wiser and happier.

Thanks to the «Reneses» and «Amorettis» for being so special and generous.

Now, as Andrea says, I am the guardian of our house !!!


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