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A hundred eggs

I know, I did it in advance!!

But with regard to religious and pagan festivities, I always work up a mess.

The showcase for Easter this year is not a normal showcase, with chocolate eggs wrapped in silver paper bunting. This time it went very organic; I have mixed wood with wire and rope, but  eggs are not missed, of course, just «one hundred».

When I finish a showcase, I think I have run out of ideas for the next. Some years ago I would have panicked, but today,I  no longer «paliqueo» . When the time is coming, imagination, catching me by surprise, begins to place objects in my head, I get to work without stopping for a single moment until the window is mounted and me, exhausted. They say that the «process of creation» is like that, and I have increasingly clear that, indeed, it is.

In this showcase I intend to continue adding elements to the day of Easter. And Iwill add more elements in it. I think it will end up being a showcase full of joy, life and color.

I do not know where the tradition of hiding eggs in the garden or in the field for the children to look, comes from. I love watching the «crazy little ones» running and looking for them, and their excitement and happiness when they manage to find one. With this game, I revive the excitement and joy of childhood, that we adults, need to recover.

It is the third showcase amount Easter eggs as protagonists, and I realize that they are among my favorites and also the most successful among the pedestrians.

I hope that between now and Easter Day, you will enjoy to witness the transformation of my new window.

Also photos of this post will increase, so you can monitor the progress.

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