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A palazzo!

This is my second workshop of photography, styling and how to tell stories. The first was in Australia and you can see it here.

This time I had the luck to do so not only in Venice, but in a palace like the film Casanova, who starred Heath Ledger, my favorite actor.

The experience was magical for the environment, the teachers, @skye_mcalpine and @marte_marie_forsberg, the incredible Venetian meals and friends from all over the world. It’s the best way I have found to travel, sharing my interests with others.

Venice is my favorite city, its light is captivating and Marie has taught me to use it better, is an expert on it.

After a spectacular breakfast, starts the action. The activities ranged from photographic walks, food styling and photography and we developed a history with our work. Even the owners of the palace invited us to a concert in one of the rooms.

They asked us to seek a word to define Venice. I thought of many, but chose «WONDERFUL DECADENCE». A city that ages like i would like to, elegant, strong, with a very interesting wrinkles.
I returned inspired, happy and eager to do many things.
The next will be in February in England and @marte_marie_forsberg and @local_milk together

I’ll tell you all about it.

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