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A week in The Ampurdan

Yesterday I arrived in Madrid, after a lovely week in El Ampurdan. As I  knew, Humo wasn’t waiting for me at home and sadness came over me again. I woke up as usual, since my dog ​​was gone, dreaming of death; someone is killed in every dream and those who have gone already are on them too.  Today I have to pull my body by myself with the help of my other two dogs that are also  missing him.

This week in El Ampurdan has been easier, my friends were with me and awakened me with an energetic and ecological juice from their garden. That mime, to start the day, after my «not sweet dreams» marked the difference.

Friendship is my most treasured possession. We didn’t speak about Humo and it was not needed, they knew that my soul needed care, and they gave to me.

Being in nature has filled me with life, everything was easier. I worked, I made pictures, arranged matters from the sale of my house, fed grateful chickens, walked with his four dogs into the woods, I’ve been surrounded by beauty and harmony. And everything was easy because my friends were with me, and I was not sad, because wouldn’t have been fair to convey that feeling, when I was receiving so much love, and «love is repaid with love», the joy came easy.

Sharing for me is very important, and I realized, again, that I am not as independent as I sometimes think. We must be happy, to enjoy solitude. In the difficult times being alone it is not so good, almost never is  the best solution, at least for me.

Thank you for a beautiful week, my generous friends.



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