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Graffiti over the world


Graffiti photographs, has become a common denominator of my travels.

In the 80s, in NY I became interested urban art.

Since then I have been collecting pictures of them during my travels around the world. Today I have chosen, to share with you, those of Buenos Aires, Berlin, Prague, Jamaica, New York, Madrid, Australia, Morocco and Kenya.

It seems a kind of art, than like with any kind of arts, distinguishes between good and not so good. I do not like the ones that  mess the walls.  The best I have found are the ones in Berlin, both in quantity and quality.

In Madrid, one of my favorite places in terms of graffiti, is the «Tabacalera» in Lavapies, which also reminds me of some corners of the German city.

We are already preparing the new window. Next week I’ll tell you all about it.


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