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The kitchens of my life

The kitchen, one of the most important places in a house, if not the most … The first thing I remember is the one of Nuñez de Balboa, at my grandparents. We lived with them from birth to my 13 years, we moved, though unwillingly, to another flat, but without them. I spent hours in that kitchen cooking with my grandmother.she had a kitchen of those iron ones, long, coal-fired !!!

I Madremanya`s one, that I still have is my favorite, the largest room of the house, where we spent a lot of time with my patenta, and I still do . From that time I remember the paellas I did with my father, and when he was gone, the exquisita meals with my mother; simple, but with great food materials.  Always always finished with the same words: How good was all today !!! How well we eat here !!! … The dining room is included in it, and the wall is and will always remain, indigo blue !!!. In the same village it is also my sister’s, all white with stone parches.

Also in the Ampurdán, in the farmhouse of my friend, we cook a lot, when we are alone, or during the courses we offer there !!!

The one in Escorial is also integranted in the dining room, where I cook for my friends. The sobremesas expando long there,  that they can continiu up till  dinner.

The one in Madrid, being so close Delic, practically is only used for cooking dinner and for the pictures I do for instagram.

In Burgos, in the house of the Juanes, there are two: a large, down, the coles of the house, where we are in summer; and other up, integrante into my apartment with a small kitchen like my grandmother’s, but with wood, for the winter.

The house I used to rent in the Graciosa was great too. As we used the patio for  dining,  alone or with lots of friends. They sold the house last year and unfortunately I can’t ese it anymore, but I am happy I used ir for many years.

I also cook in my brother’s when I go to Jamaica; more Caribbean, with the dining room also in the kitchen… .and we have not yet released the one he has in his Madrid appaement, we designedit too … I really want to try it !!!Apart from my childhood kitchen, of which I have no photos, here I show show you » the kitchens of my life»

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