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I filled this month’s showcase with wool hats. It finally look like winter is here.

I’ve always like whole and knitting, a hobby that comes from my grandmother and my mother.When we were children they knitted the sweaters for us because it was cheaper. At that moment in time we all lived with my grandparents. My parents economy didn’t allow them to live elsewhere. In that house I experienced a very happy childhood. But this is another story.

I loved my hand made sweaters. After my mother suddenly decided to knit a giant quilt, which took her a year to finish. She  knitted squares, which she later joined forming leaves. It was crude cotton and it still remains covering her bed in»El Escorial».

For me there isn’t a more relaxing way of spending an afternoon, that knitting while watching a movie on TV.

I like knitting to a great extend, I reached the point where I decided to sell my hats and collars at the shop I opened in 2011 «BAZAR-DELIC», which now is «BAZAR-NICOLAS». I made a lot of the pieces myself, and other were made by «artesanas». they where really popular. I do value a lot the history behind this unique pieces, made by hand with great care.

For example when my mother was in the hospital, where she wasn’t going to leave from, my knitting helped me a lot, in those very difficult days. I had time to finish exactly four hats in different colors. I still wear them with lots of love, because there is an unforgettable story behind them.

Last year I broke my arm, for my rehabilitation, I once again started knitting hats of all possible colors. I still owe some, others I gave away.

That same year I also learned how to dye wool with natural dyes, in a very interesting retreat in Australia. After with the help of a stick we made sculptures with those wools, kind of american indian crafts. Another way of knitting.

There is always a story behind something that is handmade. Some people call them art, others craft. For me, its art, even if it is not good, when you put your soul in what you are making.

I hope you enjoy the pictures that complete the story.


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