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Interview to Bea from Botas de agua

By Andrea Amoretti

Elena admires Bea and Bea admires Elena, and me, both of them, so it was easy quote us three a sunny morning on the terrace of Delic. It is definitely one of the best places for an interview elapses as a chat with friends.

Bea is a lifelong Madrid, discovered Madrid thanks to her daughters. Motherhood was a transformative experience for her in many ways. And decide to share it through her blog with wells, has made many people fall in love with her way of looking, to count, to live.

What she likes most about her city is to have her family and friends. Hearing her speak, makes it clear that she likes Madrid every day more and more. Life beats and El Retiro neighborhood of his childhood. I find it curious that what really marked her as a person, in a special way, was is her own childhood. She speaks of it as if it were an infinite source that feeds her more each passing day.

Verbena de la Paloma, Fairs San Isidro, trips around  Spain, the Mercado de Torrijos, go to school by foot, his father with his camera in hand and their stories around his trips as a reporter, his first hours developing in the dark room, his passion for children, her mommy albums, his first analog Nikon … its essence is creative, and vitally marked her by their parents in a very intense way. She has not stopped exploring, learning and growing but does clinging to its origins in a very firm manner.

She says, she sees her blog as a marriage, and maintaining the illusion of the first day letting evolve continuously. There, as her cousin natural and positive. Her passions and creativity in photography. She first learned to live, and then to share and to show her way of telling it. She complains of not being as organized as she would like, and that to cook in her kitchen is her unfinished business. Most of her charm lies in her gift of turning normal to especiall, and she does it like that. She has the talent of looking with a smile.

These are her answers to our 17 questions.

A movie: Mamma Mia
A trip: California
A flower: hydrangea
A fragrance: Laura Laura Viagoti
A corner of Madrid: El Retiro pond
An animal: rabbits
A table color: white
A photographer: Annie Leibovitz
A painter: Juan Gris
A Spanish brand: Babaa
A bonus: the bag
A favorite food: dishes my mother spoon
Ear: the laughter of my daughters
A taste: ice cream cheesecake
A touch: the skin of a baby
A smell: clean clothes
To behold: a sunset
Thanks Bea for a while in the sun of Madrid in one of the best terraces in Madrid 🙂

Elena Thank you for letting me interview people who I love me for your Magazine.

See you in Delic!


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