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When I was an anagogic photographer

Before I started taking photos for  Instagram and the  magazine of my website, by now with my iPhone. I was an analogue photographer.

In the 80s, I studied photography at the ICP in NY. Before majoring in art photography, I worked for Spanish magazines and also published in the American Interviu. I realized that this kind of work was not for me. Too stressful, and always with the feeling of being bothering the character I had to photograph, although I had a good time and met very interesting people.

Later I was assistant of Giles Larrain, great photographer, whom I helped making album covers of geniuses like Billy Joel or Miles Davis. I had a special chemistry with the last one, despite not knowing who he was when I met him;  he even let me, touch his trumpet, to the amazement of Gilles.

I also worked with two art photographers, with one in NY, where I had the pleasure of knowing closel, the work of Alex Cats and Scully. The other, a lovely man named Gasull, who taught me with great generosity his wisdom, in Barcelona.
But what I liked most was taking pictures with my Hasselblad when traveling. And yet, developing the negatives when I returned. Then not knowing what I would find in those negative, the adrenaline soared, and feeling the magic of seeing images  appearing on the paper.

The photos in this post are from that time, when I was an analogic photographer.

In a month I will use my Hasselblad, with the digital back in the course that I will be attending in Japan; with @ local_milk. That will be another entry.

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