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Itziar Miranda ( Manolita )- Important women on stories

Delic interview to Itziar Miranda:
The first time I stepped Itziar in Delic, she was practicable a child. Had just finished shooting her first film (Nothing in the bridge) and Plaza straw, where she lived many years, covering everything she needed to feel at home: the garden of the Prince of Angola, where she spent entire mornings reading, the Taberna Bilbao, where  Rosa gave her dinner more than one night because she had no time to cook and, of course, Delic. She did not wake up until she took her tea with milk and toast, with dilic’s mythic, athlete bread with tomado and oil. That for her, Elena and Makama, were like a couple of  the movies. They gave off an exótico and adventurous style, like Jane and Tarzan.

She could spend hours watching all the people coming in and out of our coffee: actors, photographers, musicians or writers, and projecting that one day she too would live her dream. For her, Delic,  is her particular cafe Gijon. Over the years, this young actress, has become a standard of our evenings. For twelve years, throughout Spain not to nap with her, Manolita, of Love in the time (now, Love is forever), she  is a mother, has just published her own collection of stories with Edelvives ,  sise goes back to Delic to eat our famous carros cake, as Lourdes and Elena talk of formidable women for inspiración.

How could it be otherwise?, our showcase is just transforme during the book fair in the world, the world of Miranda, a girl of eight years who like sopa bubbles, the smell of rainy afternoons and birds that fit into her hand. And she likes a lot, but much a lot,  cooking. But what she likes most in the world is to tell you stories and more if they are true: Frida, Marie Curie, Coco Chanel, Billie Holiday, Cleopatra or Juana la loca, are some of the stories that this girl tells,  without mincing language and giving, it was time, visibility to all these women whoare important in  history and often peopleknow very little about them.

She writes with her brother Jorge and the beautiful illustrations are her friend Lola Castejon. An artist who, after studying Fine Arts, beganher career in New York where she could collaborate on projects with Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon and Steven Meisel. But Miranda also has a cookbook,» recepies by Miranda», which are written by the brothers with Nacho Rubio, husband and accomplice of the actress.

As you can see an absolutely familiar project, done with all the love in the world and that is precise why it is now crossing borders. Here are ten of the selected women: A woman I admire: Jane Goodall A photographer: Vivian Maier A writer: Carmen Laforest A composer Clara Schumann A scientific: Ada Lovelace A singer Ella Fitzgerald A policy: Indira Gandhi A queen: Cleopatra A dance: Anna Pavlova A thinker María Zambrano.

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