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Carrot in a cake?

That was the question most listened to, when they wanted to know the ingredients of my first «CARROT CAKE», at the showcase, along with many other tarts and tartalets.

I explained that although, they were sweet, and carrots gave the necessary moisture to make them juicy and fluffy; I learned to make it in New York, and it was quite normal eating it  there !!!

In the Big Apple, I tried many, uptown and downtown; in small cafes, those with soul. In all of them I asked for the recipe. But we know that recipes are just recipes, and they need to be experimented , because each  hand and each  furnace, are always different. Having given my personal touch at home, once in Madrid, I found the most delicious !!! and we started making it in our kitchen.

Some of them, the most courageous, decided to try it and were charmed by them. Little by little it gane in popularity, becoming the queen of our cakes !!! And after 17 years, still is !!!

We change their «look» often: We put them pretty with flowers and fruits, as queens deserves .We also have a princess, the small carrot cake, to share or enjoy alone.

Nobody in Madrid is surprised any more about putting carrots in a cake, ours, they say, remains the «queen».

I leave some examples in this pictures


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