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Dancing with flowers

I visualize myself going to the Ampurdan by Ave. The train is my favorite transport, where I feel free and at home. I love watching the landscape changing in front of my eyes, I feel fascinantes of the rhythm of the movement of the wheels on the road, and I think I have a pending trip on the Transsiberian or other like it, in the manner of Agatha Christie and some of the great characters of her novels, back in the thirties of  last century. And this desaire takes me to the sleeping cars of my childhood, when I was traveling with my grandparents in those trains, with carved wood, the dining car with tablas covered with white tablecloths, and of course, it’s unlomrgettable vale of flowers.

And the flowers transporte me to The Ampurdán, where, when I reached my destination, my mission was to go take care of the flowers, equipped with a basket and scissors, I went to the vineyard, full of purple , red, white and yellow flowers …, whose dual role is to protect the vineyards of  insectos and nutre the land. Lees also liban the néctar of the flowers, which later, will become the delicious honey they enjoy all year on the farm !!!

I filled all the spaces of the house with bouquets and centers, stollen from the ornares and lemon trees, that could no longer hung with that weight; with them I made jueces, for my thirst, produced by all that work on the sun.

The next day, the members of the dance course, arrived. This time, the students were Spanish, from different parts of the península, and a north American, from Miami.

The five rhythms that we learned are difficult to explain, but easy to feel if you give yourself to the rithm. The first: «FLUID», the second:»STACATTO «, the third» CHAOS » followed by» LYRIC «, and ending with» STILLNESS «. On  Internet you can access to the descripción of them all. 5ritmos helena barquilla (our teacher). Arranged by

The food was vegetarian, organic, and tasty !!! Rain, sunshine, cold, heat, «SPRING» my favorite season.

I have lived this wonderful experience for the second time, and I always think I can repeat it. In Madrid, I will continue practicing it once a week.

Dancing is a way of life, a way to express and celebrate it, that fils me tremendously.

Since childhood I have practiced various disciplines of dance, and took eighteen years of yoga with my teacher and friend, Silvia Cerezales Laforet. I’ve noticed that the five dance rhythms, are fully compatible with yoga, swimming and meditación retreats I attend in  summer.

There is nothing like taking care of ones body and spirit. I hope to continue always like this.

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