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One of thrones

As my father told my grandmother joking when the Real Madrid played :» FATTY, WHY DON´T YOU GO TO THE THRONE WHILE THE MATCH IS ON, YOU ARE BAD LUCK».
Since then I had a weakness for the bathroom of my house, the bathtub had legs, as you can see in one of the photos. I still remember it as I swam and as my mother or my grandmother used to wrapp me in very big towels, one red and one blue, my favorite was the red, and gave me rubs colony in the chest to get me warm. It was my favorite time of the day.

When we decorate a house is the first thing I think about, along with the kitchen. And I always want to change everything. I like the subway tiles, white squares lifetime and hydraulic, better if they are old, all this combined with paint and wood.

If I go into a bathroom with the original  features, and are of  the early twentieth, I cry EUREKA, although it is not usual.
A bathroom must be a place where you can spend time and be comfortable, I like to read in the bathtub, and  I decorate them for that purpose, like any other room in the house.
Here you have some examples of our bathrooms.
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