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True love

Humo was a gift of love to my husband, I already had four cats and he said he wanted a dog of Humo’s breed.

He came home in a box, and spent the afternoon sitting in my lap while cats strolled around us. We didn’t move in four hours, I didn’t want him to be afraid, I wanted him to feel protected.

After a few days when my husband saw the dedication needed by a puppy, he said he did not want it, and asked me to give him away. Stunned, I said that from that moment on the puppy was mine.

I thought the dog needed to run through the countryside, and I started looking for a house in “El Escorial”, a place where I grew up. That was the first gift that my puppy gave me, because I’m still here and I have discovered that it is my home, my place in the world.

Humo gave me love, kisses and hugs. Something I was missing then in my marriage. And I responded in the same way, giving him what my husband didn’t know how to receive from me.

Humo has been, is, and will be «my true love».

He accompanied me on my most difficult years, first when I split up with my husband, and later in the disease, departure, an my mother’s duel! I do not know what I would have done without our countryside walks, the all night hugs, those looks of affection, without feeling him as my shadow, wherever I went !!!

I have been fortunate to reciprocate when his legs and his heart began to fail from running and passion for life. I could provide him the strength to leave in peace, quiet, embraced to me. I received his licks in my mouth and his look of gratitude. We filled each other with kisses of goodbye, and he left without me or him noticing. The Juanes and Lourdes where there with us helping all the time.

Who has not had a dog like him, can not understand.

I’ve got two other dogs at home, my mother’s, Marley, and Pollock. Until Humo’s body was carried away, Marley didn’t left his side. Pollock remained quiet and respectful as he went. Choca and Micaela, Juan’s female dogs and sisters of my “PUPI”, still don’t know what happened, for they weren’t home.

Now, Pollock, Marley and I are together in “El Escorial”, with our sadness, because Humo was the patriarch, who patiently endured the following four puppies in the family while they grew. The most loved by all was Humo! With them I will go through this new duel.

We will take his ashes to the river we loved to go to. In spring we will plant a wisteria. I will also take some of my mother’s ashes too, so they wait for mine. And when my time comes, and all my dogs, cats and humans will come, running to meet me, I’m sure HUMO will be the first one, running like USAIN BOLT with his tong out.

HUMO, Thank you for loving me with all your soul and let me love you back the same way, you proved me that «TRUE LOVE» exists.


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